Children and Finance

As wise parents, we try to teach our children about the most important things in life. We make sure our children know to stay away from strangers, to treat others as they would like to be treated and the importance of education. Why not start teaching our children about finance and how to manage money? This article discusses children and finance and how to teach your kids about finance.

Give Your Kids a ‘Job’ –

Most children do household chores when they reach a certain age. Why not turn this into an important lesson in finance? Aside from their usual chores, you could give them an optional job or two each week that they can earn money from. You might offer them a few dollars to rake the yard or sort the laundry – anything that will actually be helping and that they can earn money from. Of course, if your children don’t do the job, they don’t earn the money! This is a great way to teach your children that money doesn’t come without hard work and time!

Start a Savings Account for Your Child –

Another thing you can do (which would work in combination with giving your kids a job) is start a savings account for your child. Explain to them how the bank keeps their money and even gives them a little extra each month for saving it. You can have them put their allowance money in their savings account and show them their statements each month so they can see their money adding up. This will help your child learn the importance of saving – and if you want, you can let them think about something really great they want to purchase once they’ve saved so much money. This will show them that by saving their money, they can get things they really want!

Older Children –

If your children are older, there are several things you can do in order to show them about finance. For instance, you could have them get a real part time job so they learn what it’s like to work for money and what goes into earning a paycheck. If they drive, they can help pay insurance on the car or give you a percentage of their paycheck for gas money. Of course, if they don’t pay for the insurance or gas money – they don’t drive. This may seem cruel but when your child gets a real job, if they don’t pay their bills, they won’t enjoy the benefits of the services. If they don’t work, they won’t receive a paycheck. These methods will properly prepare your child for the real world and a working environment.

These are some really great ways to teach your children about finance so that they will understand the value of money and how hard it is to earn. This is a valuable lesson that you can give to your child and you can use the tips and suggestions in this article to do it. Good luck!